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Step 1

Instagram Video Download : Step 1

Click on 3 Dots

Step 2

Instagram Video Download : Step 2

Open Instagram app and copy the URL

Step 3

Instagram Video Download : Step 3

Go back to idownloader.io, paste the link into the text box and click the download button

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The Ultimate Instagram Story & Video Downloader for you

Billions of people use Instagram for various reasons like photo sharing, reel making, video sharing, etc. In this aspect, Instagram is rather considered to be quite distinct and unique as compared to other social media platforms out there. Like others, if you also regularly use Instagram, you must know more about this platform. Instagram comes with plenty of attractive features and benefits that you have to know about.

While you are using Instagram and scrolling your feed, it is common that you may come across some videos or photos and wish you could save them to watch or access later offline. But Instagram does not directly allow users to download a photo, video, reel, or any other content from their platform. So what to do in this regard?

It would be best if you had an external web application or tool that lets you download all the photos, videos, reels, or any other content from Instagram easily. Many such tools and applications are available, but idownloader is considered the best in the business. With plenty of features and specifications in this web-based tool, it is the perfect Instagram content downloader. You may find other similar applications and tools, but none of them would be as good as this one.

We have thoroughly designed this tool with a proper understanding of all users’ prospects to make it as smooth as possible. While using this web-based tool, you can simultaneously use any other tool or app according to your need and preference. Our tool won’t create any issues or challenges in any way. It would rather have your way to downloading Instagram photos, videos, and other content per your preference.

To solve this problem, you can access our online web tool to download various Instagram contents to watch or access them offline whenever you want. So many people have already been using our service for a while, and you should also do the same. It would not take much time to download your favourite Instagram content using our web-based tool. You will be extremely benefitted from this tool.

Instagram photo downloader

We at idownloader enable you with the opportunity to download any Instagram image or photo collage according to your preference and needs. This is the best Instagram photo downloader that you can find. You do not face any difficulty or issues while using our web platform to download images from Instagram, be it a single photo or multiple photos. The whole process is considered to be easy, effective, and efficient. This is why a lot many individuals use this tool of ours.

Instagram video downloader

Besides photos, our web-based tool lets you download any video from Instagram. The whole process of downloading Instagram videos is fast and efficient. This Instagram video downloader has plenty of great benefits you are less likely to get with other tools and apps. Our web-based tool supports single and multiple video downloading per your unique preferences. You can always use our platform for this purpose; the experience will surely be amazing for you.

Download Instagram Reels

Apart from photos and videos, if you wish to download Instagram reels, you can also do that. As compared to other tools and apps, this Instagram reels downloader is extremely convenient. It has several useful features you are less likely to get in any other online apps or tools. This is why so many Instagram users decide to use our platform for this platform.

IGTV Downloader

IGTV is another popular long video type on Instagram. Sometimes you may come across an IGTV, but you may want to watch it later due to lack of time. In such a scenario, you can utilize our web-based tool to download this to watch it on your computer later offline. This is beneficial for you in this regard. You do not need an internet connection to watch it later, as we already have it downloaded through our tool.

Download Carousel/Album

A carousel on Instagram is a gallery or photo album with several images, reels, videos, or mixed contents. By using our idownloader tool, you also get the option to download such contents to access them later as per your convenience and benefits.

Download Instagram story

The story on Instagram is an amazing way to share people’s everyday life and stuff. So if you see a good story on Instagram, you may wish to download it on your device. In this regard, using our tool at idownloder you can download Instagram stories in the best way possible. We let you download the Instagram story in its original quality, which is certainly beneficial and effective.

How to use idownloader to download Instagram content?

If you are eager to download Instagram content, then you must use our Instagram downloader. All you need to do is follow the below-described step-by-step method. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete all these steps.

Step 1: Copy the URL

At first, you are supposed to open Instagram from the website or the app. Then you must copy the URL of the Instagram content (photo, video, or reel) that you wish to download. In the case of an iOS device, you must click to get the URL. And in the case of an Android device, copy the URL from above the Instagram post and then share the URL. In this way, the URL of the post will be saved to your clipboard. Now, if you are using a mac/PC, you have to right-click on the date of the photo or video and then click on the ‘Copy Link Address’ to download the content on your desktop.

Step 2: Paste the content

In this step, you have to come to idownloader.com and use this tool to download the Instagram post. To do this, you are required to paste the already copied URL into the blank field of idownloader tool.

Step 3: Download it

This is the 3 rd and final step. All you are required to do is click on the available ‘Download’ option on the idownloader tool. Once you click on the download option, your Instagram content (photos, videos, or reels) gets instantly downloaded to your device. The duration of downloading may vary depending on the speed of your internet. IGTV content may take the most time to download for obvious reasons. This is our Instagram post downloader that would be extremely effective and useful for you. You will thus be able to access any Instagram content after downloading them permanently through our web-based tool.

Why should you use idownloader?

The idownloader is regarded as one of the best Instagram post downloading tools you will ever find. First, you can download high-quality content with a fast internet connection. Besides photos and reels, many users use this web-based Insta video downloader for convenience and benefits.

One of the ultimate benefits of using this web-based tool is that you are not supposed to register or provide personal details to download Instagram content. Therefore, as a user of our tool, you are not required to create a profile on your website. This is why it takes less than a few minutes to download Instagram photos, videos, or any other content through our web-based platform. The whole method is known to be hassle less and efficient, which you are not going to find anywhere else. Below are some of the main reasons you must use our platform.

 Free of cost

Our service is completely free of cost. You are not required to pay a single penny to download any Instagram content using our web-based tool. We offer 100% free lifetime service for our users. Just because it is free, we never compromise the quality of our service. Therefore, you should always expect high-quality service from our end.

 Secure and fast tool

If you are looking for a secure and fast web-based tool to download different kinds of Instagram content, you must choose idownload. Our platform is properly secured and encrypted so hackers cannot harm our users or site. Therefore, you can access our service whenever you want without any issues.

 No additional app is needed

You can use our web-based tool to download any Instagram content according to your preference. For this, you are not required to download, install or use any additional app or service. This is quite a benefit for our users.

 Optimized tool

Our web-based tool idownloader is considered to be an optimized tool. This is why you will hardly face any issues or challenges while using our platform. The only requirement is that you have to have high-speed internet for this tool to work perfectly.

 Use your personal Instagram account

One of the other benefits that you are entitled to get while using our web-based platform is that you can use your personal Instagram accounts while downloading its content. You are not supposed to create or make any other account or business account to download Instagram posts through our website. Therefore, availing of our service is quite flexible for our users. This is one of the reasons why so many people prefer to use our tools to download various Instagram content regularly.

It is evident from the above discussion that you have all the good reasons to use this Instagram IG downloader. There are hardly any drawbacks to using our tool and service to download any Instagram content according to your preference. The whole experience will be quite smooth and amazing for you. Therefore, please do not waste your time and start downloading your favourite Instagram content using our best quality tool.


1. What is an Instagram Video Downloader?

It is nothing but a third-party online app or web-based tool that lets its users download different kinds of Instagram content such as photos, videos, reels, stories, etc. As a user, you thus get to watch or access the downloaded Instagram content later. In this regard, idownloader is surely the best Instagram Video Downloader you could find.

2. What types of devices are compatible with idownloader?

Well, idownloader is known to be compatible with any device such as mobiles, computers or tablets, laptops, notebooks, etc. You can also use an iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows platform to avail of its service. Moreover, this web-based tool works perfectly with different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Firefox.

3. What kind of Instagram Content can I download using this platform?

You are allowed to download a variety of Instagram content using our idownloader tool. Whether you wish to download Instagram photos, videos, or reels, you can use our platform to download them effectively. On the other hand, it is also possible for you to download other Instagram content like IGTV, Instagram Story, etc.

4. What are the quality of downloaded Instagram photos, videos, and reels?

Well, all the downloaded Instagram content is known to be high quality. But the only criterion is having a proper internet connection to download high-quality content. Not to mention, the quality of downloaded content largely depends on the original quality of the posted Instagram content. So if the originally posted content on Instagram is of low quality, you cannot expect to download it in high quality.

5. What is the limit to downloading a maximum number of photos and videos?

There is no limit on the number of photos and videos you can download using this web- based tool. You can download as many numbers of Instagram content as you want.

6. Is this service free?

Yes, it is free for you to avail yourself of the service of idownloader. You are not required to pay a single penny ever.

7. Does this tool support download Instagram content for computers?

You can download Instagram content using a computer through our web-based tool, idownloader. You can use both Mac and Windows platforms.

8. Where is my Instagram content saved after the downloading?

The loaded Instagram contents get saved to your ‘downloads’ folder on your PC and smartphone. Hence, it is easy and convenient for you to find the downloaded content.

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